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Why art can make you happier? Here are 4 great reasons.

“One With The Nature”, oil on canvas, 40x 50 cm (15,2 x 19 inches)

Maybe you’re used to looking at art as something nice, innocuous and harmless and maybe you were also one of those students who thought that the art class is just to “relax and rest” and that is an unimportant class for your life .

Hey Teacher,  what will art serve me in my life? It’s a question I heard many times from my students when I did art classes in schools.

Well here is the answer with 4 big reasons:


1. Art develop your mind.

Art develops creativity and divergent thinking which are two qualities that apply to all areas of your life, help you solve problems in an original and different way. ” The creative has better opportunities to emerge victorious since he can see new solutions. Thus, even the appreciation of a work of art helps us to develop thought, reflection and understanding through the interpretation of a visual language and abstract concepts.

2. Art helps you to communicate your ideas.

Art has the ability to spread ideas and transmit emotions more quickly and effectively than other media, as it is said “a picture is worth a thousand words”, that’s why throughout history art has played an important role and has gone hand in hand with social and cultural changes being one of the most effective propaganda weapons, it is enough to remember how the great powers such as the Church, the empires, the reigns, governments and political revolutions, have always worked hand in hand with artists and the  same way in times of war and changes the first to be eliminated were the artists because they are considered a real threat.

3. Art makes you happy

Art helps reduce stress and helps you feel happier. When someone observes a work of art or performs some creative activity the brain generates dopamine which is the substance responsible for the pleasurable sensations of relaxation and well-being in the same way as for example eating chocolate, exercising or sexual activity.

4. Art develop your ability to love

Art helps us develop empathy and love for others and our environment. Studies conducted with brain magnetic resonance have shown that when someone observes a work of art, brain activity is concentrated in the same areas as when someone is in love, so when someone says that they “love” a certain work of art, it is certainly a literal statement.

As it is known, brain plasticity causes it to mold and create new neuronal connections, so the more exposure to art we have, the more we can enjoy its benefits.

I have tried to summarize the benefits of art giving reasons as objective and demonstrable as possible but for those who, like me, believe that we are not just a physical body and that we have a transcendent soul, I can say that art is a manifestation and an exclusive food for the human soul, is a proof that we are not just another link  in the evolutionary chain but that we share part of the divine consciousness and that we have the capacity to create and enjoy creation which makes us unique.

The constant exposure to art in all its manifestations, in my opinion helps us to be better person and feeds our souls and it is this belief that moves me to create and communicate through my paintings with a symbolic language that motivates those who observe it to think, reflect and interpret in their own way and at the same time feel and connect emotionally with the painting  so I can say that my art is an Art of Awakening because it goes after the awakening of consciousness and spirit.

For example the painting  “One with the Nature” is about the connection between the human being and the nature of which we are all part. Like other paintings in the “synchrony” series, the way of working is symbolically related to the way in which all life emerges from the apparent chaos to end up as something beautiful and perfectly designed. The images emerge from abstract brushstrokes that little by little take on the shape that I had in mind when everything is connected and moving, full of life and color.
I believe that we must begin to be aware that we are one with nature and not the owners and masters of it.

You can buy this painting HERE

I would love to contribute in your life with some of my art and my ideas of love and empathy.

If all this resonates with your spirit and you want to be part of my world of art and color you can belong to “The Creative Kindness Community” and have free access to exclusive privileges for you.

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