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The Visit

The visit

“The Visit”

Story tale

I have always believed that I am strong
In this cement jungle I fight
day by day to survive.
I would like to live instead of surve
I’m alone now
so I only survive.
day by day,
hour by hour,
Mother tell me
where are the days of security and shelter?
where are the laughs, the games, the delicious dishes.

I fall asleep looking at the stars
and in my dream it dawns.
Under the burning sun, I miss you
I stalk my prey
while hunger stalks me
Where are you?

I go for shade and shelter in that lonely forest.
And suddenly…
a ray of sunshine
passed through the thick foliage
and suddenly you fly to me
your light fills my heart
and your answer resonates within me:
“What you once found in my lap,
go for it and you will find it
because now it’s inside of you
as I always will be “

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