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“The mystery” Collection

Many times we dream strange and mysterious things and in the first instance we think that they do not make any sense, but if we look a little more closely we can see that these dreams are nothing more than a symbolic reflection of our most hidden thoughts, desires and fears.

This series poses a symbolic approach to the world of dreams as a source of self-knowledge. Most of these paintings started as a crazy and meaningless idea but once finished I could find a lot of sense in them.

Maybe for you also reveal a little your mysterious inner world.


“The Dream of the Crab”

The big Crab carry on my dreams from the deepest ocean to the warm and sunny sand.

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Laberynth of Life oil painting, Marcela Diaz

“The Labyrinth of Life”

The search of the way out of our unconscious mind.

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Depths, oil painting

“The Depths”

Looking under the surface of our deepest ocean.

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Equilibrium, oil painting


Finding the balance in our inner world

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Renascence oil painting


A new spiritual born

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“Under the Storm”

Strength and balance to overcome the storm

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The Hardest Beauty. oil painting

“The Hardest Beauty”

Have you ever wondered how so much beauty, so much tenderness, so much peace can coexist with so much pain, hardness and iniquity?

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“The weavers”

Weaving blind of the big whale of our unconscious.

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