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The Beautiful People” Collection

Sometimes walking down the street you meet people who have something, maybe you do not know what, but that makes you think about your own existence.
This series of portraits are taken from those people who may be common and current, but you can not stop looking at them and admiring them.
I have added or changed some details here and there to reinforce the touch of mystery and to take them a little out of everyday reality and transform them into archetypes and achieve that you can find in them a bit of yourself.

Ofelia. oil painting


A colorful and spiritual version of the tragic death of Ofelia.

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The First Carmin, oil painting

“The First Carmín”

The first attempt of makeup that represent our deep longings

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Vanity oil painting


Sometimes a glamorous life full of luxuries is only a mask

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“Red Beard”

Looking for something  in the middle of the crowds.

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“African Woman”

This portrait gives an account of that mystery that we sometimes hide inside.

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“The Red Shoes”

What is hidden under these outfits? We can not know.

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