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“Paint me I am Beautiful”, Project


Meritxell Rodríguez Garrido, Spanish, mother, worker and plus-size model who was the one who inspired this idea for her confident personality and her way of stopping and telling you I am beautiful inside and outside.


 I am beautiful because I am aware of my flaws. Each day I live, I want to be, A day to give the Best Of Me. I am only one but not Alone, my finest day is yet Unknown. I Live with no regrets and guilt because beauty of my soul can make your Heart melt.

I Broke my heart for every gain, to taste the sweet I face the pain. The belief that I am beautiful makes my eyes shine for you to know that I am doing Fine.

Give me that one moment of Time when I feel the Eternity.


Te invito a mi mundo sin etiquetas ni consignas. Un momento o una eternidad contenida en una caída de párpados o un abrazo sostenido, cálido, cíclico, un suspiro desbocado… 
Te invito a vivir en mis entrañas cinco minutos, para que veas que ya no oculto nada y todos mis miedos se han vuelto diminutos.
Te invito a sacarnos las púas y las escamas mientras pensamos en un futuro irreverente que jamás será como nosotros decidamos. 


✨ One kiss is all it takes
Falling in love with me. 
I look like all you need. ✨ 


🔥Siempre hay alguien que tiene la nesidad de juzgarte. Por como eres, por tu físico, por tu forma de vestir, por lo que a esa persona le de la gana.
🌹Depende de nosotras mismas la importancia que les demos a esos comentarios. Yo tengo más paz mental desde que rechazo mensajes sin contestarlos, o borro comentarios y me quedo tan pichi.
♦️No merece la pena dar importancia a comentarios dañinos o que nos faltan al respeto ¿no creéis? ¿Qué pensáis vosotras?


Sonreír siempre aunque el alma esté rota, supongo que esa es mi magia.

Follow @marceladiazartstudio on Instagram and participate with #paintmeiambeautiful


Share your best photo on Instagram with your story of why you feel beautiful  and use #PAINTMEIAMBEAUTIFUL  hatchtag and participate to be painted by me. Read more info below✨

Where this project come from?

In my artistic work the female figure has always been present, except in rare occasions I always paint women, surreal women, symbolic women, strong, delicate women, tied women, free women. It was only until recently trying to understand what it is that motivates me to paint is that I realized the fact that I always paint women. The question that followed was, and why? what motivates me to paint women since I am not a feminist or anything like that. The answer came shortly after and it is very simple, I am a woman, I see the world through the eyes of a woman and I can see much of the beauty of this world represented in a woman. Women are beautiful, they are mothers, they are strong, they are sweet, they are sensitive, they are often silent, tireless workers.

Hey Listen! but there are also many ugly and evil women who have nothing beautiful. Yes, yes, yes!, it is true but remember that art has the ability to transport us to another reality, a symbolic reality that speaks about existence through another type of language that is symbol, emotion, color and forms. Each artist has its own language. In my case, for me, the woman is the symbol of the beauty and pain of human existence in general and it is my way of expressing it.

Why this project?

I have met many beautiful women, but I do not mean women with a pretty face or perfect body, I mean beautiful women who are really strong and fighters, who do not give up, many of them do not know that they are beautiful and have low self-esteem and are strampled  and are not valued. Browsing Instagram I found some women who are not the top model at the moment, but who radiate beauty and security and know they are beautiful despite the fact that not everyone admits it. Then I felt the strong motivation to paint them, the really beautiful ones.

I decided to start this project with the collaboration of Meritxell Rodríguez Garrido, Spanish, mother, worker and plus-size model who was the one who inspired this idea for her confident personality and her way of stopping and telling you I am beautiful inside and outside. It was her I the first I painted and who initiates this project that I hope can help other women to have something nice and artistic that reminds them and whoever  that they are beautiful.

How to participate?

To participate you just have to post your best photo on Instagram with the hatchtag #PAINTMEIAMBEAUTIFUL and tell your story explaining why you are beautiful (in spanish or english)

Together with Meritxell we will select a total of 10 photos  (one per week) from among the best stories and those with the most likes to be painted by me. These 10 inspirational muses will be able to see their painting and history published on social media and on my website and will receive as a free gift a high resolution and high quality photo of the painting which they can print or frame as they wish.

Optionally you can acquire the original painting that will be 8 x 10 inches at a special price of £60 (76USD). In case of not opting to acquire the original, Marcela Díaz reserves the right to sell or exhibit the painting without limitations)

If you like the idea of being painted but do not want to appear on social media or make your photo public, you can contact me directly or order your portrait on my website in the Commissions section. I will be very glad to help you get exactly what you want

How should your picture be?

It must be a good quality and detailed photo, it should not be a selfie with the phone in hand or in front of the mirror, use a tripod and timer or ask someone to take it. Preferably choose  a well lit place that you do not have to use flash and the most important of all is that shows you as you are and it that makes you feel beautiful.

How should your story be? It does not have to be long but it clearly explains why you are beautiful, be authentic.

Can I participate for someone else?

You can not participate by sending someone else’s photo without their consent since it will be public displayed, but you can contact me privately and order your painting for a special woman who needs to know that she is beautiful. That will be an amazing present and she will be crying of happiness.

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