My Story


I was born in Santiago de Chile, it is a long and narrow strip of land at the west coast of South America. Yes sir! There is a place called Chile and it is not a chilli pepper, no!

Shortly after birth and at the beginning of the military dictatorship in Chile, my father had the opportunity to work as an engineer in northern Chile at the Codelco copper mine so that we moved to live in Chuquicamata in the middle of the more arid desert of the world. 

I confess that it was quite boring so I entertained myself by drawing and doing handicrafts and dreaming of going out there some day, until  tired of the isolation after about 7 years we went back to live in Santiago, the capital

I was always good at drawing or doing handicrafts, that’s was what I enjoyed because I was a rather shy and unfriendly girl. I liked to draw faces or make figurines in miniature, because at those times I was more concerned with details and shapes than color. 

At school I was the one who drew the best and for that reason I always had to do the wall journals or the drawings for the school magazine and all those artistic tasks. My classmates remind me always till now for  the funny drawings that I make  that make them die of laughter in the middle of the class and carry a warning,  sorry jaja!

I left school without knowing what to study, I just knew that I liked art and followed the typical advice of “if you are an artist, you will be a starving woman”, I decided to study architecture. I will soon realize that this was not for me, make a pretty house didn’t fulfill my soul at all,  I just wanted to make art. 

After that I studied costume design, which didn’t fill me completely, I was missing something. Until finally I could hear a “good ya, if you want to study art, then study art”. Yes!, finally!, it was a wonderful experience and he learned a lot at the university, from photography, sculpture, art history, engraving, drawing and painting. 

There I improved my skills for the drawing of the human figure becoming a teacher assistant and also started to enter the world of color.

A professor at the art school said once that the art was “against the family”, and that is why the paintings are usually placed in frames to separate them from the home and that is why most of the women did not succeed as artists when they decide to start a family. Firstly I thought he was wrong and that it was a crazy idea but the truth is that he had some reason. 

As soon as I graduated, my nomad life began, I got married and I went to live in Santa Cruz de la Sierra Bolivia, where at first I was able to do exhibitions and work giving art classes, then I had my children and it was all a nice experience but it was not easy surviving in Bolivia being an artist, neither was it in Chile but at least it was my home, so we returned. 

I was an arts teacher and dedicated mother for more than 10 years, leaving art relegated to the background, always dealing with the lack of time, money and space. From time to time I had the time to paint and draw. I was always interested in painting human figures and that my paintings conveyed meanings and emotions. 

At first I do not really know how to achieve it until one day I saw the work of the Spanish artist of gypsy origin Lita Cabellut and I fell in love with her way of painting and the emotions that her characters transmit, her mix of realism and abstraction where the stain and the paint come together with their psychological portraits. 

They are not simple portraits, they present us a new dimension in the world of painting that reveals to us what is in the depths of these souls. She works on the skin of people, with cracked and stained textures that gives a symbolic charge to their portraits, are like husks where the most powerful is the gaze which helps us to connect with their characters.

 It was then when I felt a strong impulse to come back to paint and explore the human existence, always looking that  my images does not be  just a beautiful copy of visible reality, but also show us  the invisible and mysterious of our existence.

I longed to be able to paint again but things in Chile seemed to be stagnant for me and  my family and we decided to jump into the abyss and bet on something new in search of a better life and above all a better education for my children, so we moved  in 2016 to live in the outskirts of London.

It has not been easy but it has been worth it, because now I have the opportunity to gradually leave behind the ghost of the “starving artist” and start devoting to what I love  that is making art and helping others to find the emotion and joy of  the human existence in the direct and instantaneous manner  that only a work of art can convey, without words, without explanation, without preamble, the work of art speaks directly to your heart through the senses