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“Music is an outburst of the soul”

“The Dance”, oil on canvas, 40 x 50 cm, 2019

Dance is one of the first forms of expression that humanity has always occupied.

When we dance we express ourselves with the totality of our being, our body moves to the beat of the music and the feelings that flood us at that moment: joy, love, sadness, euphoria.

We can dance alone or accompanied. It is a moment of connection and coordination with the space that surrounds us or with our partner or colleagues.

We dance for many different reasons from to celebrate, to conquer or simply for pleasure.

It is known that dance has many benefits such as maintaining our physical condition and motor coordination, helps us to socialize and definitely improves our mood and self-esteem.

It does not matter if we are professional dancers or not or if we are too shy to dance in public whenever a music touches our heart we feel that unstoppable desire to start moving.

It is a kind of liberation, an energy that travels us and that comes directly from our soul to connect with everything around us.

Dancing is a wonderful experience that we should practice more often. To remember this I made this painting representing that moment in which we surrender to the joy of being alive that is dancing.

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