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The “Magical Kingdom Collection”

It has always amazed me to observe nature and the universe in constant creation and expansion with all the perfection and beauty of the smallest universe to the most overwhelming immensity.


We can see this creative and expansive process in the growth of the plants, in the animal kingdom,  in the designs of the clouds in the sky, in the change of the seasons, in the coral reefs in the sea, in the creation of the stars and galaxies and in practically everything around us.


In the middle of this world and in full synchrony with it are us, as one more element of this whole universe that is not only matter but also a spirit from which all that exists is a part.


This serie explores the close relationship that exists between the infinite and mysterious visible world and the intangible that is within all of us and everywhere.


The apparent chaos always ends in something beautiful because we are all magical creatures in this beautiful magical kingdom.

Born to Fly

“Born to Fly”

A dream of a magical bird

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“Wolf and the Forest Spirit”

A magical howling at the moon light.

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The Forest Spirit Tree

“The Forest Spirit Tree”

A dream travel to a magical forest kingdom

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“Mother Nature”

A portrait of the beautiful, exuberant, savage but fragile mother nature.

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“The Dance”

A dance of movement and color to express your soul and the joy of life.

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“The Forest Spirit”

Did you ever feel the forest spirit surrounding you?

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"Stardust" painting


We are all just dust of the stars.

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“One with the Nature”

A refreshing breath of life and color.

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one with the universe oil painting

“One with the Universe”

We are one piece more in the perfect synchrony of the Universe.

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The Wind, oil painting

“The Wind”

Let your soul to be clean and be one with the wind

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