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Commission Painting

Get your dreams into a colorful artwork

If you like my art and you’ve ever considered the possibility of turning your dreams or ideas into a stunning oil painting to hang on your wall or to make a significant gift for your loving ones, I will love to help you bring  your dream to a colorful original artwork.

Having our image recorded for posterity is something that every human being loves but even more when it is something unique and meaningful, since in this era everyone can have photographs or videos, but few can have a painted portrait, one ofa kind painting that not only shows our image but have some special meaning for us. It is here that I can help you as I have already done with many others. 

Each of the personalized portraits I have made has its own history since they were made with the collaboration of the person.


As is the case of this portrait of this lady, plus size model, which was made from a photograph that we both chose among the ones she liked most and when I asked her what significant detail she wanted to include in the painting, she asked for two hummingbirds, because she has two small children and for her the hummingbirds represent them. She almost cries of  joy when she saw the painting.

Myself I have given as gift portraits or paintings made by me and I never forget the face of joy and even tears when they see their image transformed into a simple drawing or a painting. Like this two portraits of my niece who for my sister is a big blessing falled from the sky like white flowers petals, because she came after years of infertility, treatments, doctors and spontaneous abortions, she was just a blessing and this portraits remember it always.


"Thank you so much Marcela for the lovely portrait of my grandchildren. It’s so beautiful. I love your style and the great detail, it gives me such a warm feeling when I look at it. I love the warm colours and how you took my daughters childhood memories into consideration on the babies clothing. (Such a beautiful touch). I’m actually blown away by the likeness of both my grandchildren. Your colour combination is totally amazing.  I loved how every step of the way you would contact me or send me the updates for approval before continuing the next step. Loved working with you. Definitely recommend you to all my friends and family. Love Janice."

If you want to see the same expression of joy  in your loved ones or you want to surprise yourself with a wonderful portrait of yourself that reminds you that “you are beautiful and important” I can help you.

How To Get Your custom painting
It is very easy  only follow this few steps:

How To Get Your custom painting

1. Contact and submite photos

Send me a letter explaining  your dream or idea  and any photo or simple sketch. Don’t be shy, you don’t need to be a great artist, just something simple otherwise  just rely on me and surprise yourself. If your painting include any portrait then send some  good photos of the person.

Tell me about the size you expect.

You must email me all of it to and I will send you a quote.

2. Get your quote


The prices may vary according to size and complexity  but here you have two  examples of two sizes and the average price.

  • 20 x 25 cm )8 x 10 inches)/canvas panel £250
  • 30 x 40 cm (12 x 16 inches)/canvas panel £500
  • 40 x 50 cm (16  x  20 inches) /stretched canvas £750

The shipping is free within the U.K.

3. Receive your painting

All my paintings are exclusive and originals!
I paint with oils  of high quality and over stretched canvas or canvas panel.  All my paintings are signed on  the front and on the back side with tittle, tecnique, year and also include a certificate of authenticity.

100% Satisfaction

I offer all my customers the opportunity to review their paintings from photos first from the sketch and then when it is finished,  so revisions can be made if needed. Once approved, paintings are carefully prepared by me for shipping before being sent to your home.

Get a free video of the process

You will received also  a FREE time lapse video of the painting process of your painting.

Process times:

The times can vary depending on factors as size, complexity and drying time since the oil paint dries slowly and it needs to be dry  before applying a new layer of paint or before be shipped. So allow at least 3 weeks

Please contact in case of any query I will be happy to meet you and discuss your needs.

Next Steps…

Now if you are ready to get your custom painting just do it!