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“Be the change you want to see in the world” Mohandas Gandhi

“The Labyrinth of life”, oil on canvas, 25 x 30 cm, 2018

I have always been interested in learning things that help me understand the world better. I was educated in a Catholic school but I never convinced myself that faith it is only believe what the church says and blindly follow its mandates. I never found that kind of faith acceptable, I always looked for better explanations and I have become convinced that true faith does “move mountains”.

I believe like so many people that it is our thinking that can change or shape our reality, that the universe is a single energy that connects and synchronizes everything and that each one of us is part of a collective consciousness but that unfortunately we do not know yet.

Thanks to the accelerated progress of communications, more and more people are aware of this hidden reality and the awakening of both individual and collective consciousness is a process towards which we are heading.

The issue is that all the problems of this world happen because the human being is blind to this collective consciousness and the  individualism has led to selfishness, hatred, revenge, cravings for power, etc. all negative energies that propagate and replicate bringing more and more of the same.

If we want peace, justice, equality the way to achieve it is not arguing, struggling, going out to protest, criticizing, punishing, because those are all negative energies and the only thing they get is to continue the problem and bring more and more of what we do not want

.On the contrary, if we want peace, justice and equality, the only way is to be aware that we as individuals can begin to spread these positive energies and that when the awakening of the collective consciousness advances, more and more people will also understand that love, kindness and generosity are the true way.

If you believe as well that all of this can help accelerate a positive  change, just spread these ideas whenever you can because communication will make possible the change we want.

Share, spread, act.

A big hug!

If you consider yourself a kind person and you are needing…

  • Something beautiful in your life that inspires you and awaken your soul.
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Just join to my creative kindness community and you could get:

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