Have you ever thought and reflect about the mysterious and beauty of the human existence?

It is not a matter of being a philosopher, but many times, don´t you marvel at seeing the awesome of nature and the perfection of all creation? Also perhaps you have put to think how such beauty can coexist with so much evil, so much pain and so much injustice?

Yes, life is quite mysterious and intriguing, so much that sometimes we decide to ignore it and immerse ourselves in a life full of work and with little time to think about it or pay attention to those details. 

But the need for beauty and answers is always there and you know it is important because they nourish your spirit and give you the energy to pause and breathe again and smile.

Our soul needs those rest, going out, traveling, meditating, enjoying nature and animals, music and art.

Art is for me that place of rest and meditation where I can explore the mystery of existence. It may  seem like a difficult task to do and it certainly is, but there is no sin in trying or at least search to transmit a small part of all that beauty and perfection that surrounds us. 

I have tackled this task through painting, where most of the time the human figure is the protagonist, but not as a mere representation of visible reality but as a symbolic content.

I believe that the symbolic approach helps us to see, feel and also understand also the invisible while delighting our eyes with beautiful colors, textures and environments that relax us and take us out for a few moments of the exhausting daily reality.

I make art to awaken your soul

I am Marcela Díaz and portraying the mysterious and beautiful of the human existence has been part of my history and motivation since always. If you want to know a little more about this chilean artist here you can read my story.

That is my challenge and the value that my works can offer for you and for everyone who is looking for a significant art experience. And when I say significant that also applies to custom paintings and commissioned portraits of which I have done enough. 

I always ask people first if they want to add any significant details to the painting and always respond with some good idea that makes the portrait something really original and personal. I also share with them videos of the creative process and they are delighted

Here some of the reactions when seeing his portraits of the Paint  me I am Beautiful project that I did on instagram:

  • @mery_rose_pinup: “I am Marvelous of this masterpiece that Marcela Díaz has made about me, tears of joy and pride …”
  • @ nj.neha9: “It’s fabulous, looks magical for me. I can’t thank enough for painting me so beautifully “
  • @mireche: “Thanks to @marceladiazartstudio who has dedicated part of his time to making this painting so beautiful, inspired by a photograph of me, personalized with two symbols that for me mean a lot like the dream catcher and the clover.
    It’s a big of artist!”
  • @nieveenabril OMG! Many thanks!! It has been beautiful! 


All this resonate with your soul?

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