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My artistic mission and vision

I want to help people to express and communicate a message of kindness and self love because i believe it is the only path for happiness and self evolution.

I believe that art can help us to discover and awake our soul that sometimes are slept under this stressful  modern world.

Art has helped me to express my inner self in a symbolic way and now  I want to help others to do the same through inspiring and meaningful images that can brighten their soul and comfort their heart.

I believe:

  • We are all part of a perfect synchrony with the universe, animals and nature.
  • The human soul is a profound and interesting mystery.
  • Art is one of the best tool of meditation self reflexion and healing
  • Love and kindness is the key of our evolution.
I start painting to get out of the egg.

Don´t you ever feel that you have a hidden personality?

A hidden monster or a hidden clown or a hidden hero or whoever you would love to be?

Well, I do. I have a hidden artist, rockstar and superstar.

But this artist, rockstar and superstar was always very, very…very hidden under a shy little girl with an awful glasses and a Dumb and Dumber haircut. 

It is not a joke.  When I was a child I always was a shy and lonely girl but in spite of it I felt an imperative need to communicate and get my hidden self out. I always drew, since I was a little  child but it was until I met Salvador Dalí’s painting that I felt I needed to paint.

Dalí’s paintings fascinated me from the beginning because they are like a photograph of the the unconscious world  and dreams. I also loved his crazy and free personality. Knowing him, I went to read books of psychoanalysis and interpretation of dreams, being my favorite Carl Gustav Jung.

I was 15 years old when I felt I wanted to paint like Dalí and took  an oil painting course where my first painting was surreal, it was an egg bleeding in balance on the top of a pyramid in the middle of a desert landscape. The second  one I painted was a beautiful woman naked and bald with a snake on her neck.

It was not until much later that I realized that both paintings represented me and my hidden self wanting to come out of the shell, they were a symbolic self-portrait.

The first one was my shyness that had me locked up and isolated and the second one was who I wanted to be, a beautiful woman, secure and without fear.

But the moment I fell in love with painting and my heart trembled was knowing the painting of Vincent Van Gogh, because although they represent landscapes or everyday scenes, they are also psychological self-portraits that transmit all the suffering and stormy agitation of the soul of Van Gogh in a painting full of life, color and movement.

The phantom of  the starving artist

I left school without knowing what to study, I only knew that I liked art and following the typical advice of “if you are an artist you will be starving”, is that I decided to study architecture. It did not take me long to realize that this was not for me so I left it because wanted to make art.

Again trying to avoid the future of the “starving artist”, I studied costume design, which I finished but  although I like it did not fill me completely. Until finally I could hear a “good ya !, if you want to study art, study art.” Yes, finally! My hidden artist had an opportunity, 

It was a wonderful experience and I learned a lot at the university.But the turns of life always made me relegate art to the background. I formed a family, I left Chile to live in Bolivia, I become a loving  mother, I came back Chile and I worked as an arts teacher for 10 years, and finally I ended up not knowing how, living in England with my family and finally having the opportunity to devote myself more and more to painting.

Symbolic portraits of the human soul

I was always interested in painting human figures and that my paintings conveyed meanings and emotions. 

At first I was not sure how to achieve it until one day I met the work of the Spanish artist of gypsy origin Lita Cabellut and I fell in love with her way of painting and the power of the emotions that her characters transmit, their mixture of realism and abstraction where the stain and paint come together with their psychological portraits.

They are not simple portraits, they present us with a separate dimension in the world of painting itself that reveals what is in the depths of these souls. She works the skin of people with cracked and stained textures which gives a symbolic charge to their portraits, they are like shells where the most powerful is the look that is what helps us connect with their characters.

It was then that I felt a strong impulse to start painting again and explore the human existence, always looking that my images not to be a simple beautiful copy of visible reality, but also to find in them the invisible and mysterious of our existence.

That is why I could define my work as “portraits”, but not as classic portraits but as “symbolic portraits” and more than a representation of external appearance are portraits of the interior world, portraits of the “human soul” no matter the subject , if it is a human figure, an animal, a flower a landscape or whatever.

Since then I discovered that through my  images I could help to reveal that crazy artist, that monster, that hero, that angel that rockstar superstar inside us and let it shine without fear.

So if you, need to find  a way to express yourself or  transform your inner hidden self into a painting that light up your soul and  makes you feel happy to give your home a sense of joy and peace,  a painting that  you can enjoy  and share then you are more than welcome to my world. 

And feel free to contact and share your creative and crazy  thoughts and dreams anytime.

I make art to awaken and rejoice your soul 

I am Marcela Díaz and portraying the mystery of the human existence and promoting kindness and self love as a way of life has been part of my history and motivation since always. If you want to know a little more about this chilean artist here you can read my story.

That is my challenge and the value that my works can offer for you and for everyone who is looking for a significant art.. And when I say significant that also applies to custom paintings and commissioned portraits of which I have done enough. 

I always ask people first if they want to add any significant details to the painting and always respond with some good idea that makes the portrait something really original and personal. I also share with them videos of the creative process and they are delighted

Here some of the reactions when seeing his portraits of the Paint  me I am Beautiful project that I did on instagram:

  • @mery_rose_pinup: “I am Marvelous of this masterpiece that Marcela Díaz has made about me, tears of joy and pride …”
  • @ nj.neha9: “It’s fabulous, looks magical for me. I can’t thank enough for painting me so beautifully “
  • @mireche: “Thanks to @marceladiazartstudio who has dedicated part of his time to making this painting so beautiful, inspired by a photograph of me, personalized with two symbols that for me mean a lot like the dream catcher and the clover.
    It’s a big of artist!”
  • @nieveenabril OMG! Many thanks!! It has been beautiful! 


Does all this resonate with your soul?

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